About us

Strix products being used at about 1 billion times a day globally

Strix Today

  • The world's No.1 manufacturer of kettle controls
  • Established partnerships with brands, OEMs and retailers
  • 38% global share of kettle control market
  • The most trusted technical partner in the industry
  • Over 800 employees

Company history


Castletown Thermostats founded by Eric Taylor who had invented a revolutionary thermostat during the 2nd world war to control heated flying suits worn by bomber crews at high altitudes.


Castletown Thermostats becomes Strix under John Taylor, son of Eric Taylor


The R-Series (immersed technology) and P-Series (cordless technology) launched.


Strix becomes world market leader for the supply of controls to the domestic water boiling appliances market.
The 10 millionth control is manufactured


Strix opens its first overseas office in Hong Kong.


Queens Award for export achievement.
Strix produced its 100 millionth control.


The U-Series and P72 were launched, a revolutionary underfloor heating system with 360° connector.


Started production in Guangzhou, China.


Strix produced its 500 millionth control


EK launched - a series of electronic controls which offer user functionality never seen before.


1 billion controls celebration on July 1st.


Launch of the baby formula maker, an innovation that addresses previously un-met consumer needs.

Our Logo

The Strix owl symbolises the wisdom applied to each of our products.

Strix translates from Latin as 'screech owl' and it is the wise decision-making as well as the courage to spread our wings that has led Strix to its current position as world market leader.

To request a copy of our Code of Values & Behaviours or our Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Policies please email info@strix.com