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Entry level 360° UHS control


  • POMO (place on move off) turns appliance off before it is replaced onto powerbase
  • Electrical connections: Fully integrated wires

For cordless 360° appliances with heater type: underfloor (UHS) or immersed (IMM)

8.2 Amp
10 Amp

Electrical connections:
fully integrated wires

Place On Move Off

Safety features

  • Integrated steam detection to switch off at boiling temperature
  • 2 level element protection against accidental dry switch on
  • POMO (place on move off) ensures that the appliance is switched off after it has been lifted off the powerbase
  • Non-cycling control


Actuator options

Push Button

Lowest cost
New style of actuator
Illuminated actuator

Plastic Spring

Down for on, up for off
1 piece actuator
‘Soft touch’ with plastic spring

Metal Spring

Down for on, up for off
Maintains spring feeling
More durable than plastic

Click Spring

Down for on, up for off
Click feeling provides positive feedback
Can combine with plastic or metal spring

Illumination options

Neon at the side

Neon at the side of the kettle
KeAi control is available with 1 or 2 neons

Neon behind push button

Mounted in the bottom cover to prevent the neon wires increasing the actuator force.

Neon in Actuator

Down for on, up for off
Illuminated actuator
Combine with metal spring


Bare wire control is also available,
allowing the OEM to fit an LED to illuminate the actuator or water window.
LED not supplied by Strix.

Powerbase options

Conventional powerbase
& spring foot

Lower cover can be omitted for lower cost. Kettle is stable during switch on, switch off and boiling. Cord grip included in contact housing. Allows lower powerbase.

Floating powerbase, 2 part

Kettle is more stable than spring foot option.
Cord grip included in contact housing

Floating powerbase, 3 part

Kettle is more stable than spring foot option.
Cord grip included in contact housing Improved cord wind feature.

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