Safer by design

Strix is the world leader in kettle controls with our products being used at about 1 billion times a day globally.

Global Presence

Strix have Sales Managers worldwide to support your next kettle projects from design to production. Click below to contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Unrivalled Quality

All Strix controls are designed to meet all relevant international standards and approvals and are manufactured to consistently exceed 12,000 cycles of normal operation.

Safety as Standard

Using genuine Strix controls guarantees consumer safety and eliminates the risks associated with using low quality components.

Find the correct control set for your application

based on appliance type, power requirements, approvals and features.

Quality management from concept to production

Strix will find the right product for your requirements, validate and test ID’s for reduced time to market and minimised field returns and pass it through Strix internal approvals for a successful delivery of the Appliance Package.

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Unbelievable Prices – Unforgettable Results
Kettles fitted with inexpensive copy or counterfeit controls often fail…

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