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Instant Flow Heater

The only ‘true boil’ flow heater

Instant Flow Heater


A Strix developed fast flow "trueboil" system offering a unique combination of performance, speed and user control over a full range of volumes.
  • High level of user control
  • Adjustable temperature: 40°C to Boil
  • Variable volume dispense: 120ml – continuous
  • Highly configurable MMI
  • ‘True Boiling’ with all of the water boiling if required
  • Fast start: <5 secs
  • Dispense 450ml of water in 60s
  • Boil at the heater outlet
  • 93°C consistently in cup/basket
  • Integrated thermal protection
  • Integrated scale detection & management

Technical Specifications

230V 230V 100V, 120V and 230V
Flow rate
450ml / minute 335ml / minute 225ml / minute
Start up time
5 seconds
(from cold, faster when hot)
7 seconds
(from cold, faster when hot)
5 seconds
(from cold, faster when hot)
Outlet temperature 40°C adjustable up to boil.
Temperature accuracy ± 5°C
Dispense volume range ± 10% for single cup
Water tank temperature range 5 - 30°C
Pressure Atmospheric
Pump Brushed Centrifugal recommended (Strix carried out significant development and life testing)
Connectors Normally supplied with connection ready for resistance welding to appliance wiring harness, but can also be supplied with 6.3mm IEC tab connectors if required


  • Designed for incorporation in Class 1 appliances
  • Designed to exceed all safety and endurance requirements of international and national safety standards.
  • Food-grade aluminium and stainless steel
  • Designed to meet all requirements for approval in the appliance


The Strix Instant Flow Heater is an “instant” Water Heating System with applications across categories such as water heating, beverage makers, cleaning and vending.

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