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Turbo Toaster

Toast in under 60 seconds

Turbo Toaster


Strix’s Turbo Toaster technology is a patented 2 stage process that speeds up toasting.
  • Toast in under 60 seconds
  • Even coverage and high quality texture toast
  • Strix patent protected design
  • Advanced Airflow Optimization by Provis

Technical Specifications

Power 1200 – 2300w
Voltage 100 – 240V

How it works

Stage 1 Faster ‘drying’ is achieved by using higher power (2.3KW) and a forced convection fan to dry the bread in 38 to 40 seconds (versus 130 seconds for a typical toaster)
Stage 2 The ‘browning’ stage, called the Maillard Reaction is reached much more quickly and takes only another 20 - 22 seconds with conventional radiant heating at 1.3KW

Therefore toast is produced in < 60 seconds (80 seconds USA) versus 180 seconds for a typical toaster

OEM Yorkwell Industries Ltd

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