Aqua Optima New lumi Chiller

After dominating the filter jug market recently, Aqua Optima is introducing the lumi chiller, the company’s most innovative new electrical filtration product, with several more filtration devices planned in the future to extend and diversify the company’s portfolio.

The new lumi worktop chiller appliance (RRP £129.99) features the same filtration software that is used in the company’s industry-leading water filter jugs and is compatible with all Aqua Optima filters. It filters and chills water simultaneously without the need for plumbing.

The demand for water filter jugs is on the rise (with 845,766 jugs being sold in the UK in 2018*) and with more consumers becoming aware of the environmental impact of single-use plastic, many are choosing to top up their water bottles from water filter jugs stored in the fridge. Aqua Optima is leading the transition to free more fridge space and to make chilled, filtered water easy to access in the home.

*GFK 2018 data for Jan-Dec

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