Water Filtration

Even the best tap water can be improved with proper filtration

Our advanced technology and scientific approach allow us to deliver water filtration products to partners and consumers that address water quality issues around the world.

Whether it is boiled, filtered, or converted into steam, we respect every single drop of water.


Our filter technology is tested and certified to meet the most rigorous safety standards around the world. In each of our global markets we work with local experts to ensure our products exceed safety requirements.


Our Filters are produced in our world-class manufacturing facilities in Italy and China, delivering unrivalled quality and consistency.


Our water filtering technology


At LAICA, we live our ‘Amore per l’acqua’ - which means ‘Love for water’ - every single day.
Established in Vicenza, with a history spanning nearly 40 years, LAICA filtering systems are 100% Made in Italy and improve taste, quality and mineral retention of tap water, in an easy and convenient way.
Focused on research and development of new products, LAICA is one of the first companies in Italy to have developed a water filtration system with a scientific approach combined with a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of families.
The brand also specializes in the production of small household appliances for personal health and wellness alongside water purification equipment.

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Aqua Optima’s simple to use and fast filtration systems are developed to make it easier for everyone to drink water in a more sustainable way.
We filter out contaminants, such as limescale, chlorine, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, and do it 3 x faster than the leading brand.
We offer consumers better tasting drinks whilst helping to reduce single-use plastics for a more sustainable future.
That’s Water, simplified.


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