When you buy a Strix component you get much more than just the component
You get peace of mind for the full appliance package

Unrivaled Quality

We expect each of our products to exceed the international standards and to guarantee results, we take care of checking the entire production process, from design to final approval. Our customers can always be proud to be “Powered by Strix”.

Quality management from concept to production


Whether it’s a new design or conversion of an existing ID our global team of experts can share their expertise. 


We test the appliance for safe, reliable performance and conformance to internal and customer requirements.


We increase efficiency, reliability and quality of our customer's products and processes through techniques including our Statistical Process Control (SPC).


We submit our products to external certification bodies (ITS,TUV) to guarantee safety and quality for the "end user"



Project phases:

Strix is happy to share our expertise in Industrial Design whether it is a new design or conversion of an existing ID. Strix will provide the control selection recommendation depending on the project specifications.
Considering all the project specifications, we will provide the mock-up so as to optimise any new features and structures before tooling.
We provide drawing review and issue an evaluation report to the customer.
We provide the heating element compatibility test as well as performance reliability and endurance testing.
1st Off Tool
We evaluate CRF review test results made on our 1st Off sample and list corrective actions based on this output.


Performance of our products is regulated by Strix Contract Review Form (CRF), which focuses on aspects that are critical to the safety of the appliance.
The CRF test establishes if the appliance is technically suitable for mass production.
Furthermore, Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) and Quality Standard Operational Procedures (QSOP) are implemented to support OEMs in controlling the assembly process and quality in order to ensure that the appliance can be made repeatedly.


We support our customers to increase efficiency, reliability and quality of their products and processes by also putting our Statistical Process Control (SPC) at their disposal.


Appliances which have been designed in accordance with our designer packs and have passed Strix internal QM and CRF processes will obtain external approval certification.
Strix controls and connectors are "Approved Components" so submission of our certificates can reduce testing of appliances which would otherwise be normally required.

Our customers can always be proud to be ‘Powered by Strix’

With over 50 years of heritage, we are trusted experts in our field and pride ourselves on our ability to consistently and efficiently deliver quality products.


Quality is a value we live by and Strix has a strong record for accreditations to ensure that best practices are adhered to across the Group. 


Strix controls can be used in all kettle shapes and at all price points.


Strix is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service UKAS with:

  • ISO 9001 quality management system
  • ISO 14001 environmental management system
  • ISO 45001 health & safety management

Benefits to our customers

  • Improved quality and service
  • Delivery on time
  • Right first-time attitude
  • Fewer returned products and complaints
  • Independent audit demonstrates commitment to quality

It would be great to hear from you! If you got any questions.

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