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Appliances: Health, Wellness & Sustainable Living

Strix is at the heart of everyday homelife.

Our mission is to develop innovative products that allow consumers to live a safer, more enjoyable and sustainable life at home.
Our ‘Appliance’ category incorporates a number of sub-categories, including Hot Water on Demand, Beverage & Breakfast, Food Preparation, Health & Wellness, Everyday Living, and Baby Care.


Technology for a sustainable future

Our range of Hot Water on Demand technology and appliances helps consumers save energy and reduce water waste by boiling or heating only the exact amount of water they need.
A Utility energy report suggests tea drinkers boil double the amount of water they actually need when making their hot drinks. This results in 70 million litres of boiled water being wasted every day in the UK alone.
Our Hot Water on Demand range of products helps address this problem in a simple, convenient and cost-efficient way.

Our technologies provide solutions and products dedicated to Personal scales, Garment, Hot water on demand, Beverage, Beauty, Health and Baby Care, Kitchen scales and Food preparation tools (vacuum, pasta machines, and home improvement in general)

Kitchen Solutions
for the Heart of the Home

LAICA produces innovative technologies for the health and wellness of the whole family.

The range of reliable, easy-to-use products offers helpful solutions every single day, ranging from food preparation and eco-friendly food preservation products to a full range of kitchen scales, vacuum sealers, bags & accessories, and pasta preparation machines – a complete range rooted in LAICA's Italian tradition and history, updated and enhanced through design.

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Health, Wellness & Everyday Living

LAICA offers a wide range of safe, easy-to-use products to take care of your daily wellness.

From precise personal scales to medical products, such as blood pressure monitors, nebulisers and thermometers,
our healthcare solutions are designed to help taking care of your personal wellbeing  as simple as convenient as possible. 

Baby Care

From proprietary technology solutions powering market leading brands, to everyday solutions for new parents, Strix has a unique position within the baby care category.
The multi-award winning Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine is powered by Strix Technology and filtration, helping keep babies safe and healthy whilst providing parents with a game changing convenient solution to formula preparation.

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