Innovation is our cornerstone

Innovating safety and design for a sustainable future

At Strix, we strive  to make the daily household better, safer and more sustainable for our consumer. We are proud of our success in developing technologies that not only meet the needs of our customers,  but also offer simple and sustainable solutions to reduce water and energy waste. Our mission  is always  to innovate safety and design for a sustainable future.


We have a global footprint of technical capability across R&D and design and application engineering. 
At our Isle of Man site, we focus on R&D, Engineering and Design and have advanced testing labs including a third-party certified test house. 
In China, we have extensive Engineering capabilities focused on kettle controls and appliances with extensive test laboratories. 
For our Water Filtration products, our capabilities span an international team of experts covering locations in the US, Isle of Man, Italy and China. 


At Strix, we are more than just a supplier, our customers rely on us throughout their product and commercial processes. The broad scope of our portfolio and our specialized engineering expertise enables us to deliver customized solutions that fulfill the needs of our customers. We have a long standing reputation for our credibility and transparency to our customers and are experts in our field creating market-leading and dependable solutions.


The highly specialized technical team works in close collaboration with project managers, so that each product can fully meet customer’s needs and wishes while at the same time representing the anticipation of what current technology cannot yet satisfy.

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