Strix Technology: The World’s First Cordless Steam Generator

Strix are pleased to announce the launch of our new patented combined Corded/Cordless Steam Generator technology.

In response to consumer demands for ways to make ironing faster and more convenient, Strix have developed a steam generator ironing system that can also be used in a cordless mode, with a high continuous steam rate to press clothes quickly and efficiently.

The system also has the advantage of an ultra fast start-up/warm-up time, an Achilles heel for many conventional steam generator systems, that means it will be as simple to set up to press a few items as with a standard steam iron, but retain the performance advantages of a steam generator.

The cordless mode retains a high steam rate for great performance, but eliminates the inconvenience of a cord getting in the way and means the appliance can also be used to steam curtains or bed linen in situ. This is made possible by Strix’s patented mini boiler technology and hybrid water/power connector for switching between corded and cordless operation.

The ability of the mini boiler to produce large amounts of controlled steam in a very short time means that this system can produce steam at any soleplate temperature, which means great wrinkle reduction, even on delicate fibres and also allows no need for cooling before refilling the tank when empty.

"This new development is based on pioneering engineering and extensive consumer testing and could revolutionise ironing for consumers and finally free them from the inconvenience of a cord, without sacrificing performance. It is another example of how Strix is leveraging our expertise in hot water and steam to provide innovative solutions that make a real difference."

– Mark Finnie, Group Marketing Director

In recent years, steam generators are proving increasingly popular with consumers due to the greater steam production and therefore improved ironing performance, but have been somewhat hampered by their typically bulky cords and long start up waiting times – issues that the Strix cordless system solves.

The first appliance with the new technology is available very soon and is attracting a great deal of interest from leading brands in the garment care sector - interested parties are asked to contact Strix for more information.

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