Successful Patent and IP Protection

Strix has a portfolio of intellectual property protecting a variety of product features across its product range. The portfolio includes over 150 patents and Strix relies on these and, where they have expired, other IP and unfair competition law to take legal action, both to defend the Company's commercial position and ensure consumer safety. Examples of action taken in the last six months in China and Europe include:

  • As detailed in the recent Preliminary Results announcement, the China domestic market has seen an increase in electronic multi-cooker appliances and Strix will launch a revised control in H2 2018 to secure a share of this growth opportunity whilst continuing to defend its existing patented technology. Against this background, Strix brought patent infringement claims against 19 appliances sold by Bears Electric Appliances Co., Ltd to the Shanghai IP Court which was successfully settled as set out below.
  • In an example highlighting the different ways the Company can protect its position concerning its older products, Strix brought a claim based on copyright law against Adriaanse Import & Export B.V. and Edco Eindhoven B.V. who had imported kettles into the Netherlands which, according to Strix, incorporated copies of its controls and connectors. The parties subsequently settled matters as set out below.
  • Strix continues to monitor growing internet product sales and takes action where appropriate. The Company recently brought complaints of electronic kettle patent infringement to the attention of Amazon which swiftly resulted in five webpages being removed from their platforms across Europe. One vendor, Kinden, settled with Strix as set out below, agreed to replace the alleged infringing electronic kettle control with a Strix product and has since been re-listed.

Mark Bartlett, Chief Executive Officer, commented:
"We take protecting our innovative technology and superior products very seriously, ensuring that customers can continue to trust and rely on products using Strix technology.

"We continually monitor appliances in the market to prevent the sale of products that do not meet international standards or that infringe our IP. We will continue to take further action, as appropriate, reinforcing our market leading brand and ensuring that consumers can benefit from safe, high quality products."

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